About Rutgers Reflects

Rutgers Reflects brings together the scholarly and reflective output of the Rutgers University community that relates to the events of September 11, 2001, and to the effects that day have had on our teaching, learning, and living. It collects and facilitates access to Rutgers scholarship, reflects on the legacies of 9/11, and documents the creative growth that can emerge from tragedy.

To the extent that we are permitted, we seek to host and archive the September 11th-related books, articles, theses and dissertations, videos, and other creative works that are produced at Rutgers University. We place these items in RUcore, the Rutgers University Community Repository, where they are openly accessible to all. Search RUcore from the link on the main Rutgers Reflects webpage.

Not all of the September 11th-related works can be hosted by RUcore, due to copyright or other restrictions. Nevertheless, we recognize the value of providing access to these Rutgers-created works, and so we have compiled a list of citations to the known works on this subject. To the extent possible, we provide a link to facilitate access to the work. These access links include:
RUcore (Rutgers University Community Repository)
WorldCat (locate the item at your nearest library)
Published journals and journal articles (some require subscription or purchase to view full text)
Other websites

We welcome additions to Rutgers Reflects. If you are affiliated with Rutgers University and you would like to add your book, journal article, manuscript, audio or video recording, photograph or art work to the collection, please contact the RUcore team.

The banner image on the homepage of this website (http://rutgersreflects.libraries.rutgers.edu/) is an adaptation of a photograph ‘City on Fire’ by Andrew Kuznetsov, published under a Creative Commons license.