This page lists theses and dissertations authored by Rutgers graduate students about the events of September 11, 2001, and its aftermath. The title is hyperlinked to the resource in RUcore. While the majority of the theses and dissertations are available, the full texts of some resources are temporarily restricted at the request of the author.

Titlesort ascending Author Available in RUcore?
Witnesses of atrocity and the preservation of memory: an analysis of and recommendations for the relationship between memorial museums and survivors Passamano, Leigh-Ayna J. Yes
Using the analytic hierarchy process to improve the Rutgers simple bridge security checklist Valeo, Meghann M. Yes
Underpainting Jama, Safia Yes
The “spiritualization” of Islam in America Hannini, Daniyah M. Yes
The impact of the United Nations on counter-terrorism Bitmez, Ahmet Duran Yes
The impact of economic, governance and terrorist activity on compliance with FATF recommendations Shami, Hattan Yes
The construction and prioritization of threats in the post-Cold War era and the evolution of American national security policy Kronfeld, Melissa Jane Yes
The antecedents of citizens' privacy concerns in the context of surveillance and security measures Duygulu, Suray Yes
Terrorism in Africa: how US covert operations have shaped terrorism in the African regions Yates, Maria F. Yes
Sikh queer community navigates invisibility as the ‘terrorist-monster’ Singh, Jasleen Yes
Rebuilding to remember, rebuilding to forget: the tangible and intangible afterlife of architectural heritage destroyed by acts of war Kane, Lauren J. Yes
Re-orienting from without: Burkean notions of 9/11 & the rhetoric of dissent Danner, Patrick Yes
Police organizational change in a post-September 11 environment: rhetoric or reality? Grillo, Michele Yes
Performing future memory Amich, Candice Yes
New presidential war powers Neeley, Alexander J. Yes
Meditations on the abyss Jacob, Edwin Daniel Yes
Measuring acceptance of immigrant groups in the U.S.: the importance of the semantic differential scale in conjunction with the social distance scale Koleser, Jennifer M. Yes
Measurement and evaluation of risk factors for cancers of the head and neck in a cohort of 9/11 World Trade Center responders Bover Manderski, Michelle T. Yes
Le théâtre de l’immanence Chemama, Simon Yes
Islamophobia from the inside Erturk, Esref Yes
Global trade, 9/11 attacks, and customs organizations in comparative perspectives Chang, Chieh Yes
From standardized templates to context-appropriate plans: barriers to the adoption of locally sustainable coastal evacuation programs Leckner, Mariana Yes
Fight flight freeze Kennedy, Sarah Yes
Essays on the post-9/11 labor markets for "Muslims" in the West evidence from the US and the UK. Rabby, Md Faisal Yes
Employee theft from passengers at U.S. airports: an environmental criminology perspective Marteache Solans, Nerea Yes
Education in the wake of disaster Mortimer, Matthew Yes
Doing and being: the experience of Israeli volunteers during the Second Lebanon War Nebenzahl, Naama Yes
Development of an inspection checklist for risk assessment of bridges in New Jersey Issa, Layla Yes
Development and proposed evaluation of an integrated group therapy curriculum for 9/11 rescue and recovery workers Bur, Mark I. Yes
Boosting the metropolis Bauer, Matthew A. Yes
An exploratory study of the perceived utility and effectiveness of state fusion centers Graphia, Renee Dianne Yes
An exploratory study of the challenges of living in American as a Muslim adolescent attending public school Sheikh, Maliha F. Yes
Airpower and the hawk/dove dynamic in American politics Arndt, Thomas Yes
A law enforcement perspective to intelligence failure in mass casualty terrorist attacks by global jihadist movements Ozcan, Ozkan Yes
"I like going places": the everyday and political geographies of South Asian immigrant youth in New York City Dar, Anandini Yes